Moritz Cordes

Hello, I am a philosopher of language, logic, science, and mind.

After one semester of working as a locum for the Chair of Theoretic Philosophy in Greifswald, I am now continuing a project on the philosophy, logic, and epistemology of questions. In the past I have worked on the concept of pseudoproblems. Definition theory, explication, and pragmatized ND calculi have kept (and still keep) me occupied.

Recent articles

(The Review of Symbolic Logic)
(Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy)
(Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy; together with Geo Siegwart)

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Career

2020 PostDoc project on the Philosophy and Logic of Questions and Answers.
2019-20 Locum (Lehrstuhlvertretung) for the Chair of Theoretic Philosophy (Greifswald).
2018-19 Research Assistant (Wiss. Mitarbeiter), Theoretical Philosophy (Greifswald).
2017-18 PostDoc project on the Philosophy and Logic of Questions and Answers (put on hold until 2020).
2015 PhD in Philosophy (Greifswald). Thesis: Scheinprobleme – ein explikativer Versuch [engl.: Pseudoproblems – an Attempt at an Explication].
2014-17 Research Assistant (Wiss. Mitarbeiter), Theoretical Philosophy (Greifswald).
2013-14 Teaching Assignments from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.
2011-14 PhD scholarship awarded by the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Landesgraduiertenförderung).
2009 Visiting Researcher at Stanford University with a scholarship from the German Scholarship Foundation (Deutsche Studienstiftung).
2008-11 Teaching Assistant (LBA), Theoretical Philosophy (Greifswald).
2008 Magister Artium in Philosophy (Greifswald).
2003-08 Studies of Philosophy, Mathematics and Pre- and Early History in Greifswald and Munich.

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Erotetic Logic

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Moritz Cordes

About Me

To the left you see a person which is neither identical with me nor an earlier time-slice of me. I do not know who this person is, unless you count as knowing any answer to ‚Who is the person pictured to the left?‘, including answers that are a relativization of the existential presupposition of the question to some rather comprehensive domain of things. In this case, I do know and the following is the extent of my knowledge: The person pictured to the left is a stock photo model.

Or in other words: [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Past and Present Institutions

Universität Greifswald
(locum at the chair for theoretical philosophy)
LMU München
(guest student)
Stanford University
(visiting researcher)

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