Moritz Cordes

Hello, I am a philosopher of language, logic, science, mind, and AI.

I have been working in academic philosophy since 2008 (studying since 2003). Since then I have worked in several institutions (currently: Center for Advanced Internet Studies Bochum), concluded research projects, substituted as the Chair of Theoretic Philosophy in Greifswald, organized conferences, and given many classes. My research concentrates on the logic and philosophy of questions, definition theory, pragmatized ND calculi, and how all this can be translated into an AI architecture.

New Book

(edited volume, Narr/Francke/Attempto, 2021)
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Recent articles

(Missverstehen – zu einer Urszene der Hermeneutik)
(Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung)
(The Review of Symbolic Logic)

Poster on Current Work

(conference poster, 2021)

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Career

2022-23 Research Fellow, Center for Advanced Internet Studies, Bochum.
2021-22 Research Assistant (Wiss. Mitarbeiter), Theoretical Philosophy (Regensburg).
2020 PostDoc project on the Philosophy and Logic of Questions and Answers.
2019-20 Locum (Lehrstuhlvertretung) for the Chair of Theoretic Philosophy (Greifswald).
2018-19 Research Assistant (Wiss. Mitarbeiter), Theoretical Philosophy (Greifswald).
2017-18 PostDoc project on the Philosophy and Logic of Questions and Answers (put on hold until 2020).
2015 PhD in Philosophy (Greifswald). Thesis: Scheinprobleme – ein explikativer Versuch [engl.: Pseudoproblems – an Attempt at an Explication].
2014-17 Research Assistant (Wiss. Mitarbeiter), Theoretical Philosophy (Greifswald).
2013-14 Teaching Assignments from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.
2011-14 PhD scholarship awarded by the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Landesgraduiertenförderung).
2009 Visiting Researcher at Stanford University with a scholarship from the German Scholarship Foundation (Deutsche Studienstiftung).
2008-11 Teaching Assistant (LBA), Theoretical Philosophy (Greifswald).
2008 Magister Artium in Philosophy (Greifswald).
2003-08 Studies of Philosophy, Mathematics and Pre- and Early History in Greifswald and Munich.

Editor at PhilPapers

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Erotetic Logic

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Moritz Cordes


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Cordes, M. „Beweis der Gleichgewichtungsthese aus der Wahrscheinlichkeitskonzeption epistemischer Ebenbürtigkeit“, Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung 77.1 (2023): 5-16. (Preprint)

Cordes, M. „Eine Frau ist eine Frau ist eine Frau – Geschlechterbegriffe in Wörterbüchern“, in: A. Wamßler et al. (eds.), Praefaktisch – ein Philosophieblog. 22. 12. 2022.

Cordes, M. „How to Arrive at Questions“, in: M. Cordes (ed.), Asking and Answering: Rivalling Approaches to Interrogative Methods. Narr/Francke/Attempto, Tübingen, 2022, pp. 165-175.

Cordes, M. „Calculizing Classical Inferential Erotetic Logic“, The Review of Symbolic Logic 14.4 (2021): 1066-1087. (Preprint)

Cordes, M. „The Constituents of an Explication“, Synthese 197 (2020): 983-1010. (Preprint)

Cordes, M. „Analysis of (`)Pseudoproblems(´)“, Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy 22 (2019): 137-159. (Preprint)

Cordes, M.; Siegwart, G. „Explication“, in: J. Fieser; B. Dowden (eds.), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2018).

Reinmuth, F.; Cordes, M. „Commentary and Illocutionary Expressions in Linear Calculi of Natural Deduction“, Logic and Logical Philosophy 26 (2017): 163-196.

Cordes, M. „Freges Urteilslehre: Ein in der Logik vergessenes Lehrstück der Analytischen Philosophie“, Conference Proceedings XXIII. Deutscher Kongress für Philosophie, Münster (2014).

Reinmuth, F.; Cordes, M. „Ein Redehandlungskalkül: Folgern in einer Sprache“, Conference Proceedings XXII. Deutscher Kongress für Philosophie, München (2011).

Cordes, M. „Rudolf Carnaps verschiedene Scheinproblemkonzeptionen“, Kriterion Journal of Philosophy 25 (2011): 2-18.

Cordes, M.; Glatzer, J.; Reinmuth F.; Siegwart, G. „Deduktive Begründung. Zu einem Explikationsvorschlag von Reinhard Kleinknecht“, Conceptus XXXIX.95 (2010): 31-60. (Preprint)

Cordes, M. „Rekonstruktionen und Rekonstruierbarkeit: Eine Entgegnung auf Jürgen Scherbs Nichtet das Nichts wirklich nicht?“, Philosophisches Jahrbuch 117.1 (2010): 68-85.

About Me

I am a husband and father of two children. The three of them occupy the three top spots on a pertinent linear ordering of the set of all people. Apart from that, I like running, hiking, the landscapes of Australia, the Polish language, submissions to the international feature film category at the Academy Awards (watched: 195/2779), and occasional board games. But, hobby-wise, my biggest passion is listening to unusual music. I am a collector of vinyl, CDs (esp. the forgotten format of miniCDs), and cassettes.

The person pictured to the left is not me. (WordPress stock photo!)

Past Institutions

Universität Greifswald
(research assistant and chair locum)
LMU München
(guest student)
Stanford University
(visiting researcher)
Universität Regensburg
(research assistant)

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